Services of LMHA

Resident Services

Resident and Special Services Department:
Service Coordinators are often referred to as the 'lynchpin' connecting frail, disabled residents and families in crisis with community and support services,” according to The American Association of Service Coordinators. Our resident service department empowers elderly and disabled residents to remain self-sufficient, and to live independently as long as possible, avoiding costly and unnecessary transfers to nursing homes.

Besides the obvious benefit of resident retention, the following is a list of some of the other needs that are addressed by having a strong resident and special service department.

  • Prevention of potential vacancy problem
  • Decline in pre-mature apartment turn-over
  • Reduction in apartment damages
  • Reduction in resident crisis situations
  • A marketing asset in the competitive market place of senior & family housing
  • Decline in 'persistent' housekeeping concerns
  • Significant stress reduction on manager and other facility staff
  • Helps management maintain their daily schedules without interruption for resident health, family, or personal crisis's
  • Increased involvement in facility activities by residents
  • Enhanced cooperation by families
  • Elevated self-esteem of residents
  • Heightened sense of 'community' among residents and staff
  • Increased awareness of available community services
  • Raised awareness about aging concerns by facility staff

Currently our department provides these services at:

  • Ashley Arms
  • Flory Gardens
  • Glendale Terrace
  • Harry Hansen
  • McClinton Nunn
  • Richmar Manor
  • Robert Dorrell Manor
  • Speiker Terrace
  • TenEyck Towers
  • Vistula Manor

We also have a Family Support Case Manager that provides support to individuals at:

  • Albertus Brown Homes
  • Birmingham Terrace
  • Brand Whitlock Homes
  • Charles F. Weiler Homes
  • McClinton Nunn Homes
  • Port Lawrence Homes
  • Ravine Park Village

Feel free to contact our department if you have any questions or concerns that we can help you with 419-259-9524.